Makiminato Chuo Hospital
Makiminato Chuo Hospital
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TEL: 098-878-8630 (ENG)


Department of Nursing

Outpatient Clinics

Most of our outpatient clinic patients are referred to us from other medical facilities, and most of them come to us worried with pre-existing conditions. All our staff in outpatient spare no efforts to provide quality medical care on top of trying to make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

We will greet you with our warmest smiles and give you our best ears to your concerns. We hope when you have finished your visit, you leave with the feeling, “I am glad I chose this hospital.”

General Inpatient Ward

The general inpatient ward admits patients who underwent catheterization, balloon and stent treatment, ablation, pacemaker implantation, severe heart failure, bypass surgery, valvular surgery, aortic surgery, etc. Our staff in the general inpatient ward work closely with our doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other departments to provide you the appropriate care toward your recuperation and discharge.

Nursing Ward

Our nursing ward admits patients requiring long-term medical care. We aim to create a warm and comfortable environment to provide patients our high-quality and safe nursing and geriatric care.


Hemodialysis is a team medical service. At Makiminato, our team consists of dialysis specialists, nurses, clinical technicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and case workers. The team has access to information about each patient’s current dialysis program, shunt condition, nutritional condition, admission records, physical therapy program, etc., to provide high-quality dialysis treatment suitable to the patient.

We also accept temporary dialysis for whether you are here on Okinawa for business or for leisure. Please contact us to make arrangements and appointment (Hemodialysis while vacationing).

Nutritional Management

We provide individual nutritional guidance upon doctor’s request. We will give you individualized dietary suggestions based on your dietary habits, lifestyle, family structure, etc.

Regional Liaison

Regional Liaison Office works closely with regional medical institutions to help you get the care you need outside of this hospital. Our work includes

  • Referring you to a family doctor
  • Arranging outpatient appointments with regional medical facilities
  • Arranging admission appointments with regional medical facilities
  • Arranging second opinion consultation
  • Helping you find nursing homes
  • Making post-discharge arrangements
International Liaison

Our staff at International Liaison Office are fluent in English and are ready to assist you on your every visit. Our mission is to minimize the language and cultural barriers between you and our hospital staff, whether it is to interpret for you or to assist you with insurance matters, we are here to help to make your visit as pleasant as possible.


Department of Medical Technology


Our in-house lab runs blood work and urinalysis as well as ECG and ultrasounds. For tests requiring body contact such as ultrasound and ECG, they are performed by our female technicians. The tests we perform include

  • Biochemical blood test
  • Urinalysis
  • Echocardiogram
  • Peripheral vessel ultrasound
  • Cervical vessel ultrasound
  • At-rest ECG
  • Step exercise tolerance test
  • Treadmill exercise tolerance test
  • 24-hour ECG monitoring
  • Trans-esophagus echocardiogram
  • Thermography test

Radiology plays a crucial role in a medical facility; X-ray tests are indispensable in the early diagnosis of disease. Our staff at the radiology department will do our very best to help ease your anxiety during your tests. Tests we perform include

  • General X-rays, portable X-rays
  • CT scan (64 slices)
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Abdominal ultrasound, superficial vascular ultrasound
  • Endoscopy

Functions of the pharmacy range from inventory management and quality control to assessing drug data, and from dispensing prescriptions to providing guidance on medicine intake. We are here to provide you support on your outpatient as well as inpatient prescriptions.

Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy)

Our rehabilitation focuses on physical therapy for arterial diseases in general inpatient ward, as well as for cerebrovascular, motor system, and pulmonary diseases in long-term care ward. We work closely with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, etc. to help you maintain your activity level and prevent life-style diseases.

Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineering is a new medically certified profession developed in 1987. Clinical engineers work with medical devices and machines. At Makiminato, our clinical engineers provide technological supports in dialysis, artificial ventilator, cardiac catheterization and ablation, pacemaker/ICD/CRTD interrogations, IABP, PCPS, and surgical procedures. We are also responsible for the purchase and maintenance of medical devices, as well as enhanced education for staff.