Makiminato Chuo Hospital
Makiminato Chuo Hospital
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TEL: 098-878-8630 (ENG)

About Outpatient Services

Outpatient Clinics

Our outpatient clinics specialize in cardiac diseases. Click on each department for more information on our specialties.

For more information on our outpatient hours and doctor’s schedule, please go to “Scheduling an appointment” page.

Other Outpatient Services

In addition to the above outpatient clinics, we also have dialysis service for tourists, vascular access outpatient, varicose vein outpatient, and aortic aneurysm outpatient. We also offer various preventive care medicine packages for your different annual physical needs.

Home-visit Medical Care

For patients who have difficult visiting the hospital on their own, our doctors and nurses can visit them in their homes or nursing facilities. Please do not hesitate to ask us about eligibility and area of service.