Makiminato Chuo Hospital
Makiminato Chuo Hospital
TEL: 098-877-0575 (24-HR JPN)
TEL: 098-878-8630 (ENG)

Privacy Policy

Use of personal information

Your personal information might be used for the following purposes. Please inform us if you do not want your information to be disclosed for any of the followings.

  • Used for medical services
    • For receiving medical services at our facility
    • For receiving medical services at other hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, pharmacies, home-visit nurse stations, nursing homes, etc.
    • For replying to inquiries from other medical facilities
    • For asking the advice and suggestions of doctor(s) from other hospital(s) regarding the patient’s treatment
    • For outside labs to run lab tests
    • For explaining condition to patient’s family
    • For other medical services for the patient
  • Used for insurance purposes
    • For filing claims with insurance company
    • For public insurance auditing purposes
    • For replying to inquiries from auditing institution
    • For other insurance claim purposes
  • Used for hospital management
    • For bookkeeping and accounting purposes
    • For analyzing preventive measures toward safer and higher quality medical services
    • For improving our medical services
    • For admission and discharge management
    • For other managerial purposes
  • Used for notifying companies of the results of their employee physical exams
  • Used for filing physician liability insurance
  • Used for maintaining and improving medical and nursing services
  • Used for staff educational and training purposes
  • Used for case studies for the improvement of our medical quality
  • Used for third party auditing

Protection of personal information

In accordance with the Privacy Act, we ask for your cooperation in the followings:

  • If you do not wish to have your name called out loud in the waiting area, please let us know in advance. However, we would prefer to call out your name for your safety and as preventive measure against accidents.
  • Sometimes we need to explain your condition to your family; if you do not want us to speak with your family about your condition, please let us know in advance.
  • If you do not want us to inform your visitor or phone inquiry of your room number, please let us know in advance.
  • We will contact you or your family (if we could not reach you) of any changes to your appointment or issues with insurance claims/payment. If you do not want us to contact your family, please let us know in advance.
  • If there is any part of your personal information that you do not want to reveal to other medical facilities, please let us know in advance.


  1. If you do not give us any request in advance, we assume you agreed to our privacy policies.
  2. You can withdraw or change your request any time.