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A Word from the Chair and Director

A Word from the Chair of Board of Directors

The fundamental missions of Haku-ai Kai centered around providing excellent medical care for patients with ischemic heart diseases, arrhythmia, valvular diseases, arterial and peripheral vascular diseases, as well as providing optimal dialysis treatment for patients with end-stage renal failure. 

Haku-ai Kai was found on June 14, 1976 as an incorporated medical facility. On March 19 the following year, the hospital was granted permit to begin service. In the 45 years since we have begun services, we have aimed to fulfill our missions of being a high-quality and safe medical care provider in cardiology and be contributory to our regional communities. This is especially true for dialysis services. We are well equipped to accept patients from regional dialysis clinics in the event of natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. Furthermore, we have a Vascular Access Center to handle anything from fistula/graft construction to tending to shunt troubles.

In January 2019, we established the International Medical Center to enhance our medical care service to non-Japanese communities on the island, especially to the referred patients from US military hospitals for medical treatment in myocardial infarction, angina, arrhythmia, valvular diseases, aortic aneurysms, occlusive peripheral vascular diseases, and lower extremity varices.

Last year, Haku-ai Kai underwent reorganization. In addition to beginning home-visit medical care for chronic heart failure patients, we also opened the Machinato Clinic for Internal Medicine At-home. As we are having more and more aging patients who cannot visit the hospital on their own, home-visit medical care is becoming a necessary service for these patients and their family. Though we have been a center for acute cardiac diseases, we are to put more emphasis on chronic heart failure and home medical care. With these in place, we assume a more important role of being contributory to local communities.

As we are now in the middle of the Corona pandemic, our main focus is securing our staff, including doctors and nurses. This, plus continuous education are crucial to implementing our philosophy and missions. In future, we hope to continue to receive your encouragement and guidance toward our sustained development.

Dr. SUGAMA, Moriichi
Chair of Board of Directors
Haku-ai Kai Medical Incorporation