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Makiminato Chuo Hospital
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Hemodialysis while Vacationing

Can I do hemodialysis while I am temporary on the island?

YES! For whatever reasons that are bringing you to Okinawa, hemodialysis while you are on vacation or for short-term stay is not as hard and complicated as the idea sounds. Just make sure you are well-prepared before the trip and you’d be ready to go!

Merits of Hemodialysis at Makiminato Chuo Hospital

Perfect Location

We are about 20 minutes north of Naha airport, adjacent to Camp Kinser. Whether you are heading up north from Naha or going down south from Kadena, we are en route on Route 58.

Google map: Makiminato Chuo Hospital

Zero Language Barrier

We have full-time English-speaking staff to assist you with appointment process and support you during your hemodialysis session(s).

See also our International Medical Center.

Quality Service

To ensure a safe and smooth hemodialysis session at our hospital, once we have received your hemodialysis data, we will contact your hemodialysis center back home to clarify any questions we might have. Depending on where you are staying on the island, we can also arrange for free shuttle to and from your hotel (by appointment only).

Comfortable Environment

We have private rooms reserved for your personal comfort. (However, please understand if there is an emergency, emergency patient will have priority over the use of the room.)

Affordable Cost

Cost: 35,000 Yen to 40,000 Yen for the initial hemodialysis session, and approximately 30,000 Yen for subsequent sessions.

Meal: You can order lunch with us for as little as 350 Yen. Just let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Insurance coverage: We will issue you an English invoice (free of charge) and a doctor’s note (2,200 Yen) for you to file claim with your insurance. If you do not need a doctor’s note from us, please let us know beforehand.

How do I get started?

When you have decided to travel to Okinawa, contact us to schedule your dialysis date(s). We will then e-mail you an appointment package to include:

  • Instructions
  • Application form
  • Hemodialysis summary form
  • Hemodialysis record form
  • Consent form for temporary dialysis

Once you have received everything, then follow the schedule below to gather information to send to us.

You can also download the necessary forms instead of waiting for us to e-mail them to you.

  • HD application: Download
  • HD summary: Download
  • HD record: Download (If HD clinic/center has its own record form in English, you can send those to us directly.)
  • Temporary HD consent form: Download (This is for your reference only, please read beforehand, you will be given an original to sign when you check-in at the front desk.)

Number of Japanese and overseas tourists using hemodialysis service at our hospital