Makiminato Chuo Hospital
Makiminato Chuo Hospital
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Outpatient Hemodialysis

How do I get started?

Whether you are being seen at a local Japanese hospital or at a US military base hospital, you need to obtain a referral to establish care with us. Call us to establish care after you have received the referral letter. If you have just moved here on the island or are planning on moving to the island and would like to establish care with us, send us your recent blood records, medical records, hemodialysis records and summary. (Click here for more information on outpatient dialysis: Dialysis Medicine)

How do I pay?

If you have Japanese national insurance, your insurance will cover most of the costs. If you do not have Japanese insurance, and if you are with one of the insurance companies we are direct billing partner of, contact your insurance company. If your insurance company is not a direct billing partner, you would have to pay out-of-pocket and file on your own. (Click here for more information: Payment and Insurance)

Can I do hemodialysis even if I am on the island temporary?

Yes, you can. We have English-speaking staff to help you if you need to do hemodialysis just for a short period of time, be it only one day or a few months. (Click here for more information: Hemodialysis while Vacationing)